aurora sauce recipe

aurora sauce recipe aurora sauce with ingredients

In Italian "aurora" means dawn. It has this name because its color must be of a pink delicate, resembling to the color you can see in the sky at this time of the day. It must be served hot and is good either with fish or meat. Aurora sauce is an easy and tasty traditional basic recipe for sauce, used for seasoning boiled shrimps and prawns. Regarding the doses we have 3/4 oz for the common wheat flour and 3+1/2 oz for the tomato pulp


Prepare the concentrated tomatoes pulp and chopping tomatoes until a pulp. Put the flour into a pot.Add the cold milk and start the heat beginning to stir continuously, until condensed, and keep apart.In the meantime put the tomato pulp into a pan, boil at low heat and make it very concentrate,add salt,put the sauce on the heat again and add one spoon of concentrate and then again until obtaining the wanted color and flavor. Using the fresh tomatoes a beat of whisk will make the sauce velvety. If it is necessary to make the aurora sauce more dense boil for some seconds on the heat, stirring continuously. The aurora sauce is ready.

how to make aurora sauce italian traditional recipe